Call for Sounds In Space symposium submissions 2019

Submissions are welcomed for contributions to the Sound in Space Symposium from academic researchers, creative practitioners, and students in audio engineering, sound, music, visual media arts or technology.

More details can be found in this PDF.  Also, at

Submissions are welcomed in the following areas (although other related areas also welcomed!):

  • Virtual Reality with Spatial Audio
  • 3D audio research
  • Creativity with technology in education and sound and music
  • Multichannel sound and music development and realisation
  • Ambisonic and other multichannel sound diffusion systems technology
  • Hardware and software systems for sound and music spatialisation
  • Aesthetics and perception of 3-D sound and music
  • Theatricality of sound and sound in theatre
  • Acousmatic music and multimedia installation work
  • Music and space in performance or production
  • Sound, music, hybridity and interdisciplinarity
  • Spatialisation, visualisation and communication
  • Analysis and/or demonstration of original work
  • Critical evaluation of established work

Submissions are welcomed for exhibition, presentation or demonstration and there is flexibility in the format/timings of the sessions.  However, talks are often in the following forms:

  • Surround sound work (technical specifications specified below) up to 10 minutes in duration for demonstration or 20 minutes for installation (with or without talk)
  • 20 minute lecture presentation or technical demonstration (individual or team)
  • 40 minute lecture presentation or technical demonstration (individual or team)
  • Print conference poster (A1)
  • Rich media poster (Microsoft PowerPoint, Apple Keynote, Flash animation, Quicktime movie)

Audio Arrays Available:

Larger 3D Array details of which will be finalised depending on requirements of submissions (most likely 24 speaker 3D array (including spatial sub array) + Stereo d&b Audiotechnik Stereo Array – Ambisonic decoders provided up to 3rd order), Headphone feeds to every seat (new!)

24 Speaker, 3D KRK Surround Sound Laboratory (used for smaller groups and rolling demos)

Deadline: All submissions should be made by 5pm on Monday 6th April 2020. Abstracts should be around 150 words in length. Please also provide a 100 word personal summary (to be used for publicity purposes) for all contributing personnel.